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Take ownership of this growing untapped market


With more than two million SMEs in Australia, there’s a great opportunity for brokers to expand and grow their own businesses by providing them with real solutions. The rise in property prices means that many SME homeowners now have additional equity that they can access, which has led to an increased appetite for ambitious small business owners wanting to invest this equity into their businesses.

Regardless of any housing collateral small business owners may already have, access to credit can still be difficult for many and around 30 per cent use a personal credit card to manage their business’s cash flow, which can lead to high interest rates being applied to the debt. Consolidating debts into a mortgage can help any business owner, not only by reducing monthly payments but also by saving them a significant amount of time.

Royden D’Vaz, head of sales & distribution at Bluestone Mortgages, says understanding the challenges of Australia’s self-employed borrowers creates better solutions. “This is why we work closely with brokers to assess the needs of each borrower, looking at every application on its merits and the individual circumstances of each applicant,” he says. “This helps brokers provide real solutions for their SME customers and gives more small businesses access to the finance they are looking for.” He adds: “Not only are brokers generating business for themselves by offering solutions that secure funding for their customers, there also comes a sense of reward in being able to give a helping hand when others won’t.”

With a range of lending products for SMEs, Bluestone is cementing a reputation in the mortgage industry as the lender of choice for brokers looking to secure funding for self-employed and small business customers.