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How do you make your complex cases easy?


Today’s mortgage market is full of a wide range of products catering to almost all circumstances and needs. But whether your clients are first-time buyers or home movers, choosing a mortgage is perhaps the most important financial decision – and it’s important they get it right.

Anything but a near ‘perfect’ credit history is often enough for an application to be rejected and despite having solid financial credentials, individuals are still being denied access to funds.

We know that life doesn’t always go according to plan but unfortunately, your client’s personal life can affect their credit history too. A surprise bill, accident, or an unfortunate event like a divorce or critical illness are usually outside of an individual’s control and can still result in a damaged credit score.

At Bluestone Mortgages, we focus on understanding the nature of your client’s situation, so that they have a fair chance regardless of their circumstances - We want to help you help those clients.

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