Why Bluestone

We understand that one size doesn't fit all; every customer is different. The way they work, how they get paid and how they manage their money is unique, so we've designed our products and services to be more flexible. We’ve also spent a long time talking to advisors about how they do business so you can be confident when recommending us to your customers. We won’t stop there - we’re passionate about getting things right, so we'll keep a close eye on how we perform and keep in regular contact to make sure things stay on track.

Bluestone Mortgages is part of the Bluestone Group, which was established in 2000 in Australia. The business expanded to the UK in 2009, and having divested the Australian business in 2018, the UK and Ireland now represent Bluestone’s core market.

Bluestone’s lending operations are backed by over £300m funding lines from major shareholder Macquarie Bank, and Australia’s National Australia Bank.